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Special Needs Planning Attorneys in Somerville, Massachusetts

If you are a parent of a disabled child, whether they are small or grown, it’s a good idea to take the extra consideration of meeting with an experienced Somerville Special Needs Planning Attorney. At Vidoli Couture, LLP, we understand that special needs are a broad term for a wide range of diagnoses. Many disabilities can be long-term or have profound and lifelong impacts from developmental delays, medical issues, psychiatric disorders, or congenital conditions. Families with a special needs child or relative can often feel like they are taking one step forward and two steps back when looking at everything they need to do. However, we can simplify the process and educate you and your trustees.

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Some disabilities can improve over time with the proper support and medical attention, and your child will live independently one day, just as with other children their age. Other disabilities are lifelong, and parents should plan for extended costs and care of their child. After you discuss your child's future with their medical providers, we are here to discuss special needs planning with you. We thoughtfully help families like yours seeking to protect their loved one's future in Somerville, Massachusetts, and the neighboring areas of Andover, Cambridge, and Burlington.

A special needs trust is a common approach if you have a child who will need long-term care, and you don’t want to risk their eligibility to income or needs-based public benefits. A special needs trust is a legal agreement that lets your disabled child receive funding without risking their public assistance benefits. The money put in the trust does not count towards public assistance.

A special needs trust covers the amount of your child’s financial needs that public benefit payments do not cover. Earnings from a special needs trust usually are used to pay for medical costs, income for a caretaker, transportation, and other allowed expenses.

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As the party that creates the trust, you will designate a trustee who will control and oversee the trust. The trustee will also manage the disbursement of funds. Assets belonging to your family member are subject to Medicaid’s repayment rules, but assets belonging to you as the parents or guardians are not. Our attorneys can expertly walk you through the special needs trust process and the requirements with empathy and understanding of your unique situation.

Our attorneys can also help you define how potential debts or inheritances will affect your child and their eligibility for public assistance. Unanticipated events can occur, but you would never want your child to lose their benefits or access to your assets. We help families every day to protect their assets.

Finally, we educate the trustees you have chosen on how to function as good stewards of your child’s trust and act in their best interests. We lead you empathetically through the entire process, and you are never alone when you work with Vidoli Couture, LLP.

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We have combined decades of experience helping families in the Somerville area with matters related to special needs planning. From the first consultation, we provide you with trustworthy advice to protect your assets and safeguard your child's tomorrow while preserving their eligibility for public assistance benefits. If you have a question about a legal issue involving special needs planning, call today for a consultation to get started. We serve clients in Somerville, Massachusetts, and the neighboring areas of Andover, Cambridge, and Burlington.

Special Needs Planning Attorneys in Somerville, Mass

Vidoli Couture, LLP is a law firm that can help with a wide range of estate planning, including special needs planning. We provide excellent client service and empathetic solutions for our clients. Our attorneys work diligently to safeguard your legacy and your family’s future.